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No matter your Current Job, Educational Qualifications or Exposure to Technology. Cysecon will turn you into a Cyber Security Superstar and take you on a tour to the world of the Dark Web, Six Figure Paychecks and Skills that will literally give you superpowers at your fingertips.


Why me? Why should I care? What's in it for me? How do I know this is worth my time?


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"The career of a cybersecurity specialist is going to look something like the final battle scene in the Matrix trilogy"
Tom Foale

Ok.. So this Cyber Security thing is great. But....

Is this for me? Can I do it? Will I find it difficult? Won't I need a technical background?

We're Glad you asked...

Exciting!! Isn't it?

"Every appliance you use today is transforming into a smart appliance, every new smart appliance has the potential to open a new can of worms for security threats, which in turn multiplies the demand for trained Cyber Security professionals."
Melanie Jay

Ok, I'm Interested. What Trainings Will I Have Access To?

Here’s a sneak peak of what you’ll get (and learn!)


Password Cracking

You will learn how to successfully break passwords and gain access into applications such as Facebook, Gmail, Paypal, etc. and how you can create passwords that are virtually unbreakable for yourself or your clients.


Spyware, Viruses & Trojans

Spyware/Malware attacks have been growing exponentially. You will learn how to create your own viruses, malware, etc. for vulnerability testing & to protect yourself or your clients against these intrusions.


Web Application Attacks

Web applications are a very lucrative target for hackers. In our course you will learn how to perform such attacks successfully and how as a white hat hacker you can level the playing field against cyber criminals.


Spear Phishing

Learn how hackers craft emails or facebook messages embedded with malicious code to steal sensitive information such as credit card or social security numbers and how you can protect yourself & your clients against phishing.


Recovery & Reconnaissance

Learn top of the line techniques to engage with targeted systems and gain information about vulnerabilities along with learning new age rapid-response mechanisms to provide efficient disaster recovery solutions to your clients.


#CanYouHackit? Challenges

Get hands-on experience with virtual lab-based training. These labs will help you learn in a safe simulated environment and guide you step by step on how to perform hacks followed by a series of exciting and adaptive hacking challenges to sharpen your skills.

All this and tons more...

Are you ready to future-proof your career?

Are your ready to start a career in Cyber-Security and succeed?

(Available to anybody wanting to change their lives and get connected to the heart of Cyber Security.)

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As uncle Ben famously said, "With great power comes great responsibility". The training you receive will literally give you superpowers at your fingertips, power that should be wielded very carefully. All hacking exercises should only be performed in an environment that you own or have the appropriate permissions. The skills you will learn should never be used for malicious activities.
Dennis Gops

Our Mission

To Coach & Guide You To Become The Next Cybersecurity Superstar


We began our journey as a staffing firm that operated as an extended recruiting arm for some of the leading Fortune 500 companies, helping them to meet their demand for qualified employees who could support their ever-growing Cyber Security infrastructure.

They say most businesses are born when a pain point is identified and that pretty much summarizes the birth of Cysecon. Let’s elaborate on that a little more, shall we?

Currently, there are over 300,000+ job openings in the field of Cyber Security, and this is in the USA alone. The average TTC(time to close) to find individuals to fill these job roles is roughly 3 – 6 months which means it takes on an average anywhere from 3 – 6 months to close one opening. Are you beginning to see the dilemma? In an exceptionally good year, only 20-25 job roles get filled. Every subsequent year the number of jobs keeps growing but there simply aren’t enough trained professionals. There is a catastrophic shortage of skilled professionals.

Another challenge is that many people interested in kickstarting their careers in Cyber Security have no idea how to train themselves to become Cyber Security experts. There is no guidance on what skills to learn and where to learn them. This realization took us on our journey to find the most comprehensive and cutting-edge Cyber Security training available out there and introduce it to our members. With years of expertise in finding qualified individuals for corporations trying to hire Cyber Security professionals, we already had all the inside knowledge of the skills and requirements needed to thrive in this industry. We consolidated these requirements and set out on our quest to find the next-generation Cyber Security training program that covers everything you need to know about Cyber Security and truly become a professional.


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What if we told you that all you needed to do in order to get a Six-Figure job was to do one of the following...

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