Cybersecurity for children: Tips for parents & educators

protecting children from online threats

In today’s digital age, children spend more time online than ever before, making it crucial for parents and educators to prioritize cybersecurity. Children risk falling victim to cyberbullying, online predators, identity theft, and other threats. Cybersecurity measures help protect children’s online safety, privacy, and data, which is critical to ensuring they have a positive and healthy experience online. This article … Read more

Protecting Yourself Against Social Engineering Attacks in 2023

Protecting Yourself Against Social Engineering Attacks in 2023

Social engineering attacks are cyber-attacks that manipulate human behavior to access sensitive information, such as login credentials, financial data, or other confidential information. In recent years, social engineering attacks have become increasingly prevalent and sophisticated, seriously threatening individuals and organizations. As we move into 2023, social engineering attacks will likely continue to be a major concern. Attackers … Read more

Cloud Security Threats of 2023 & How to Protect Yourself?

Cloud Security Threats of 2023 & How to Protect Yourself?

In today’s digital age, cloud computing has become an essential aspect of many businesses. Cloud computing has transformed how businesses operate, allowing them to store, process, and access their data and applications in a flexible and scalable way. However, this convenience also comes with a cost: the increased risk of cyber threats.  In recent years, cloud … Read more

What are the Advantages of using VPN’s for Students in 2022?

what are the advantages if vpn

Young people and students are among the most technologically advanced in using technology to create amazing things. They often overlook technology’s potential dangers for their safety, identity, and personal information. This is a significant oversight, especially if your internet connection is not protected. Students are often quick to use free Wi-Fi in cafeterias and college … Read more

What is Collaborative Cybersecurity in 2022?

what is collaborative security

It is easy to become overwhelmed by the sheer number of security tools and capabilities available in today’s market. This is a sign of a comprehensive cybersecurity and privacy program’s vast array of topics. Look at the ISC2’s CISSP domains and the industry best practices documents like NIST’s SP 800-53. Every security professional must have a … Read more

What are some Cybersecurity Concerns for the Digital Media Industry in 2022?

cybersecurity for digital media

Digitalizing the film and media industries have had tremendous benefits for its stakeholders. It has allowed filmmakers and artists to save millions and simplify their operations.  As content creation and distribution have become more democratic and cloud storage has increased tremendously in recent years, cybersecurity has become a significant concern for this industry as it … Read more

Why Should You Not Use Free VPN? Updated for 2023

why should you not use free VPN

Cyber security experts recommend VPNs to mitigate these risks. Virtual Private Network is also known as VPN. It hides your IP address and encrypts your browsing data. Your data should be 100 percent secure and under your control. Unfortunately, this is not always possible. The type of VPN you use will affect the security of … Read more


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