Skills Required to Become an Ethical Hacker in 2022

ethical hacking skills

Ethical hacking is a legal practice that allows professionals to penetrate networks and systems to find vulnerabilities and threats that malicious attackers may exploit to attack the security architecture. Penetration Testing is another name for ethical hacking. It aims to fix vulnerabilities discovered during testing and improve the security of the network or system. Ethical … Read more

Avoid Brute Force Techniques- 8 Tips for 2021

avoid brute force

Brute-force attacks involve account hacking attempts. This can include cybercriminals guessing common passwords or capitalizing on stolen or leaked legitimate credentials. These cyber-attacks should not be taken lightly and stringent steps need to be taken to avoid brute force attacks. Bad guys use scripts and bots to attack the login pages of many websites and … Read more

Most Popular Tools for Brute-Force Attacks in 2021

popular tools for brute force attacks

In the Cybersecurity world, one of the most common password-cracking methods is still the brute force attack. It isn’t just used for password cracking. It can also be used to find hidden pages and content within a web application. This attack follows the try until you succeed formula. Although this attack can take longer, its … Read more

What Programming Language do Hackers use in 2021?

programming language hackers use

Ethical Hackers hack into software or security systems to detect flaws or gaps that could allow malicious hackers access to weak points. This is an integral part of any organization’s overall security plan and helps to strengthen security. Hackers may use different programming languages to find security holes. A complete software system may have many … Read more

Why is it Important to Audit Your Website for Security?

audit your website for security

A glance at cybersecurity statistics will reveal that data breaches are on the rise year after year, making it incredibly important to audit your website for security. Even companies that invest in website security and adhere to security best practices are still at risk because attackers are getting more sophisticated and deadly. Security investments will … Read more

What is SQL injection attack?

SQL injection attack

SQL injection attack is a security threat that can be as deadly as it is clever. An attacker can exploit the data input mechanisms in an application to manipulate the generated SQL query to his advantage. This can lead to catastrophic events. SQL injection attacks are often considered obsolete by many people. They are, however, … Read more

DOJ penalizes NSA hackers who helped UAE in attacks.

DOJ penalizes NSA hackers who helped UAE in attacks

The Justice Department announced controversial arrangements with three ex-intelligence operatives from the US that allow them to pay a fine for breaking multiple laws due to their hacking activities against the oppressive government of the United Arab Emirates. According to the DOJ, Marc Baier, Ryan Adams, and Daniel Gericke, all aged 49, have entered into a “deferred … Read more

The Ultimate Goal of Ethical Hacking

The Ultimate Goal of Ethical Hacking?

This article contains affiliate links to products. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links. The ultimate goal of Ethical Hacking is to assess the security of networks and IT infrastructures and identify vulnerabilities. Ethical Hacking involves finding and exploiting vulnerabilities to determine if unauthorized access or malicious attacks are possible. Ethical … Read more


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