Best Online Hacking Simulators for 2021

Hacking Simulators are well-known for simulating hacking operations and playing many hacking games online. These hacking simulators aren’t just for fun but also a great way to improve your hacking skills.

Hacking is a continuous learning process, and it is important to keep up with the most recent security and network penetration methods.

These hacking simulators online games allow you to experience the challenges and scenarios that hackers face today. Here are some of our most popular hacking simulators.

There are many hacking simulators. Many of them don’t have much to do with hacking but provide legitimate hacking practice. However, all the good ones use hacking principles and often require a lot of hacking skills and techniques.

Let’s now look at the Ten Best Hacking Simulators and games.

1) Hack The Box

Hack The Box, one of the most well-known hacking simulators games, is an online platform that allows you to improve your penetration test and cybersecurity skills. These hacking simulators games are focused on testing your vulnerability testing skills. They also give you the opportunity to exchange ideas and advice with other hackers.

The hacking simulators game includes several realistic hacking challenges. Some of these are based on real-world situations that are regularly updated. You can also get VIP and free hacking machines from these online hacking games.

Hackers can practice their skills in simulation environments by looking for ways to hack the network. To use the hacking simulator, users must complete an invite code challenge. This pops up after you click on the “Join” button.

2) Hackmud Hacking Simulator

Hackmud is a text-based, cyberpunk-themed hacking simulator that can be used on intel-compatible personal computers. The hacking simulator game has puzzles and challenges that will help users secure wins. However, this good fortune could be stolen by other hackers. You must have the ability to both hack and defend. This hacking simulator features command-line Interference as well as an evolving computer network.

The game begins in a single-player mode. It then moves to the hacking phase. Next, it will take you into the multiplayer sandbox. There you will learn how to create a defense against other players by creating new tools, forging alliances, and setting traps to steal their fortunes.

You will need to have some basic knowledge of Javascript and other programming languages in order to survive in the hacking simulator.

3) NITE Team 4 Hacking Simulator

The NITE Team 4 hacking simulator is a hacking strategy and hacking simulation with Alternate Reality Game elements that are connected to The Black Watchmen universe. This hacking simulators game uses text-based puzzles and a mining concept to give hackers the information they need to execute commands. There are also multiple mini-games that can be completed to complete the game.

This hacking simulator game lets you play the role of a hacker. You will need to hack into highly secure targets that are specifically designed for hackers.

You will use the STINGER hacking platform and try to infiltrate hardened computer networks. Coordinate strike teams on the ground to execute missions that include real espionage tradecraft terminology gleaned from leaked NSA documents.

4) Uplink

Uplink is a strategy genre simulated hacking game. You play the role of an Uplink Agent who works for large corporations. You will hack into rival companies’ computer systems, steal research data, sabotage other companies, launder money, erase evidence, or frame innocent people.

You can make money by upgrading your software and computer systems. You will be able to take on more difficult and dangerous missions as you gain experience. You can access a functioning stock market in the game. You can modify criminal or academic records. Hack bank accounts and transfer money to your account.

5) Grey Hack

Grey Hack is an MMO hacking simulation game. This game is intended to be fun and creative in hacking. This game will give you an overview of system hacking. You can play as a single-player or with multiple players.

It was created by loading home. It supports both single-player and multiplayer missions. The hacking tools are real Kali Linux tools.

Within the game, you are a hacker with complete freedom to do what you want. The game is available for Mac and Windows users.

6) Bandit Hacking Simulator

Bandit Hacking Simulator

This Hacking simulator game is designed for complete beginners, which is different from most others. This hacking simulator hacker is for people who want to hack but are afraid they don’t have the technical skills.

Bandit Wargame’s hacking simulator is comprised of 34 levels. You start at level 0 and work your way up by solving hacking challenges. You will learn a lot as you improve your skills.

7) PicoCTF Hacking Simulator

PicoCTF Hacking Simulator

picoCTF is a computer security simulator game for middle and high school students created by security specialists at Carnegie Mellon University. The hacking simulators game is a series that challenges participants to decrypt, reverse engineer, hack, and hack the storyline.

Hacking games have challenges set up to hack, making it a legal and excellent way to gain hands-on experience. It is only open to middle and high school students.

Hacking Simulator Game website hosts annual hacking games competitions that will test your skills. The prizes are impressive if you’re in the eligible age group.

8) Hackers Online

Hackers Online is an MMO hacking simulator game for Android phones. You can upgrade your hardware and software and use AI tools to hack into other players and corporations. You can join a guild to conspire to gain access and destroy the central server of other guild data centers.

9) Hacknet Hacking Simulator

Hacknet hacking simulators is a very popular hacking simulation game. Hacknet is a terminal-based hacker simulator that can be used on a PC. Hacknet allows you to travel through IP addresses and establish links with clandestine hackers communities.

You will be guided through hacking simulator games by a deceased hacker. Before he died, the Hacker left instructions. You will discover more mysteries and hidden secrets as you explore the hacking simulator game.

The hacking simulator game gives you a terminal. It is important to know basic commands similar to Linux. The hacking simulator will allow you to face Black Hat hackers.

10) Alpha Secret Republic

The Secret Republic of Hackers’ hacking simulators offers futuristic environments to create your own hacking missions. Volunteers created the simulator’s graphics and 50% of its soundtrack.

Hacking skills can be both automatic and random. Tools such as viruses and terminal-based missions are available to the user. You can join in on battles and games by hacking each other through a network. Simulated servers are also available.


Hacking simulators are well-known for their ability to simulate hacking games and play tons of hacking techniques.

We covered a list of some of the best simulators that allow you to analyze and learn how to deal with real-time breaches and attacks and also practice mitigation.

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