What is RBAC (Role-Based Access Control)? Best Practices, Examples & more.

Role-Based Access Control

In most cases, businesses and organizations only grant access to their computer systems to people who require it to perform their jobs. Confidential information is safeguarded from illegal access and undesired alterations in this way. Individual access authorizations are defined in the so-called access control list (ACL) to maintain security in large enterprises. Its disadvantage … Read more

Forget about passwords: You need a passphrase!

Ok, raise your hand if you have trouble keeping track of all of your passwords. Or maybe you have an extensive spreadsheet or a ratty old pocket notebook full of passwords crossed out and rewritten as you update them? Whatever your method of keeping track, I think we can all agree it’s getting harder and … Read more

How Far Should Employers Go With Employee Monitoring?

media monitoring

After hours, beer and bikinis may represent carefree fun; but in the realm of employment, the two “b” words are often buzzwords. Employers are constantly grappling with a question not nearly age-old: how much is too much social media monitoring? “You can’t blame employers for being curious about what employees are doing on the internet,” … Read more

Pre-Deployment Checklist For Online Training

Since 2011, money spent on e-learning has doubled, and as of 2014, over 41.7% of global Fortune 500 companies have used some form of educational technology to instruct employees. It seems employers are catching on to the multitude of benefits online training can offer. Online training is a tool, and a tool is only as … Read more

To Stay or Not To Stay: Retaining Staff

Recruiting and retention are the top two Rs of staff management in business today While recruiters and human resources managers hone their skills at recruiting talent, retaining key and valuable employees is equally important. As the economy continues to grow, more and more employers are seeking qualified candidates, a scenario that encourages a percentage of … Read more

Preparing For The Fifth Generation In The Workplace.

Many of today’s businesses are juggling four different generational groups of employees  — traditionalists, baby boomers, Generation X and Generation Y/millennials. Now there’s a fifth group for them to start preparing for, if they don’t already have them in their current workforce: Generation Z. According to Doug Anderson, co-founder and managing partner for media and … Read more

Finding the Right Coding Bootcamp Teachers

Show a man some code and he’ll be confused for a day, teach a man to code and he can unlock a new career for life, said Confucius. Kind of.  Regardless, learning a new programming language is a bewildering experience that can be more manageable with proper instruction. Experienced developers who have both the expertise … Read more

Finding the Right Training & Development Outsourcer

Are you contemplating outsourcing your training function? If you are, here are some high-level considerations: Which training services and technology should you outsource and which should you keep in-house? What are your outsourcing requirements? How will you identify and evaluate training outsourcing consultants and companies? The reasons for outsourcing training haven’t changed much in over … Read more