How is SEO important for Website Security in 2022?

how is seo important for website security

A website is required for every organization, business, or government. A website that isn’t secure is worse than none. Unsecure websites can lead to severe problems. Your website could go down for days, and your customers’ data could be compromised. You may also lose your market reputation. If this is a ransomware hack, you might have … Read more

What Are Social Engineering Attacks & How to Prevent Them in 2022?

what is social engineering attack

Cybersecurity is a complex and vast field that all business owners and senior executives must know. It is mandatory to protect customers’ personal information and business data today, both from regulatory and business perspectives. Understanding the different types of cyber-attacks is crucial. Cybercriminals use social engineering techniques to compromise sensitive information, gain access to victim … Read more

What is Disaster Recovery As a Service in 2022?

disaster recovery as a service

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) allows businesses to outsource data loss mitigation. DRaaS uses a cost-effective combination of cloud and hardware technology to provide real-time IT infrastructure backup and redundant functionality to minimize downtime during recovery from a disaster. What is DRaaS? DRaaS offers companies an outsourcing option to protect their IT infrastructure and … Read more

What Are 5G Cybersecurity Risks and How To Manage It?

5G cybersecurity risks

The new generation of 5G is inevitable, following the 4G. 5G is a new generation of technology supporting the Internet of Things (IoT), Smart Cities, and Intelligent Vehicles. It also brings a layer of innovation to this evolving trend. This opens up a multitude of business opportunities and capabilities. The 5G will have a significant impact on society and … Read more

How To Prepare For Mobile Security in 2022

mobile security

The past year was one that saw the greatest number of successful cyberattacks. The number of data breaches between September 2021 and February 2022 was 17% more than the total number of successful cyberattacks compared to 2020. Security leaders must look back at the last twelve months and analyze the most severe cyber incidents. Then, they have … Read more