Can You Be a Hacker If You Can’t Code

Many people in the cybersecurity industry don’t need to write one line of code. Many have never connected to remote devices to stop active attacks. Security professionals are often skilled in various areas, including security tools, project management, and regulatory frameworks. They also have a good understanding of technology architecture.

Potential applicants interested in the field but not experienced in navigating the industry will face a challenge: Understanding that the title of security engineer is just one role in an ecosystem of positions and cybersecurity teams is vital.

Does Hacking Require Coding?

It turns out that the answer is not as straightforward as a “yes or no” question. The job will determine how much programming a cybersecurity professional must do. For all cybersecurity jobs, programming knowledge is not required. It is a requirement for specific cybersecurity jobs. However, it can be beneficial to some people. Programming skills can also help you get more opportunities in the field of cybersecurity.

Although not all cybersecurity jobs require programming skills, they are beneficial. This will open up new opportunities in the industry and help you understand the fundamental concepts of information security and protecting networks.

Programming is a crucial skill if you want to reach the top in cybersecurity. This skill can make the difference between pursuing cybersecurity as an occupation and a long-term career.

Essential Skills to Learn Besides Coding to be a Successful Hacker

Linux OS is the most important because every OS used in hacking comes from the Linux branch. Nearly every ethical hacking tool and cybersecurity tool has been developed specifically for Linux.

Linux commands – Linux command means that you need to know and remember all commands in the Linux operating system.

The basics of networking –  This includes TCP/IP and routers and hubs and packet and cookie transfer.

It is crucial because hacking involves many techniques where you must sniff and capture packets.

Cryptography – You should be familiar with cryptography and how it works. It would help if you had a strong understanding of cryptography to be a cybersecurity expert.

Tasks you can do as a Cybersecurity Professional that do not involve Coding?

Network Mapping This is a way to identify vulnerabilities in a network. These loops can be any type.

Social engineering  is the art of tricking people and companies into giving their data or hacking their passwords. This includes phishing and bait links as well as fishing.

Password attacks If you are only familiar with the Linux OS, brute force and the dictionary can be done very quickly. Various tools such as a burpsuit, johntheripper, and hydra can be used to accomplish this.

Metasploit Foundation – This allows you to exploit any device or create viruses without any coding. You can also hack any data, call logs and messages.

Things you cannot do in Cybersecurity without the knowledge of Coding

Virus Creation – You cannot create viruses or payloads by yourself if you don’t have any programming skills. Programming is also used to create viruses.

You can certainly create small payloads using the Metasploit framework.

XSS attacks – XSS attack XSS is also known as a cross-scripting attempt. To do this, you need to have complete command over your javascript and javajava. This attack allows you to gain control of any web application and access sensitive data.

SQL injection – SQL injection is an attack that uses SQL language. It is used to insert commands into the space available and can be used to extract large amounts from the backend.


Coding skills are definitely beneficial, but not necessary. Demand for development skills in infosec is growing, but the demand for general infosec specialists is growing much faster.

There are many successful security professionals, who do not know how to code. You can have a fulfilling and rewarding career in the field of Cybersecurity even without extensive coding knowledge.

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