Finding the Right Coding Bootcamp Teachers

Show a man some code and he’ll be confused for a day, teach a man to code and he can unlock a new career for life, said Confucius. Kind of.  Regardless, learning a new programming language is a bewildering experience that can be more manageable with proper instruction. Experienced developers who have both the expertise … Read more

Finding the Right Training & Development Outsourcer

Are you contemplating outsourcing your training function? If you are, here are some high-level considerations: Which training services and technology should you outsource and which should you keep in-house? What are your outsourcing requirements? How will you identify and evaluate training outsourcing consultants and companies? The reasons for outsourcing training haven’t changed much in over … Read more

How Companies Forge A Relationship with a Bootcamp

As coding bootcamps grow in popularity, organizations are wondering how to get involved? Bootcamp grads undertake intense training that tests their ability to learn quickly, adapt to new virtual environments, and launch quality digital solutions. The type of people capable of succeeding and graduating from such programs have proven they have the qualities companies desire … Read more

Harnessing the Power of Mobile Learning

How much mobile learning have you done today? Think hard before you answer;  you may not have used a formal learning app or your company’s learning management system. Chances are you used a mobile device to listen to an informative podcast, read an article or look up information related to your field. When it comes … Read more

Straightforward Interview Questions to ask Web Developers

In May, SkilledUp published findings about Web developer job satisfaction related to a market research survey of over 300 Web developers. Our friends at Creative Bloq published a sister piece about Web developer skills. As part of our research, we spoke with two Web developers, Paul Boag and Jacob Gube, about challenges they faced every … Read more

A Quick Guide to Learning JavaScript Libraries

JavaScript programming is arguably the most valuable tech skill in existence. Roughly 90% of websites rely on it for browser interaction and the keyword “JavaScript” appears more on career sites than any other programming language. Learning general JavaScript is an essential part of a front-end development career, but it takes more than that to completely … Read more


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