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How do I excel in the Cyber Security Industry?

To excel in this industry, you need guidance from experts who were once in your position. You need a program that provides a customized training roadmap and career guidance so you can easily find out what you should focus on irrespective of how new or advanced you are. After extensive research and testing thousands of programs out there our experts have hand-picked a program that we truly believe is the complete cybersecurity training and information solution. The program is designed to help individuals who are interested in establishing a career in the information and cybersecurity domain. This one of a kind program provides you with all the necessary skills in order to help you get your foot in or make strides in the exciting field of information and cybersecurity.

This is a 100% hands-on, real-world oriented security program that is designed by leading security professionals focusing on delivering the best and updated knowledge, ensuring that you get personally mentored by the best in the business, individuals who have worked on prestigious international projects, presented at the leading security conferences around the world, and have worked with leading organizations to help them with their growing cybersecurity needs. The best part about this program is the fact that you get a chance to try your learned skills on hands-on practical lab sessions. This makes sure that the learned concepts are easily imbibed by you during the programs. The upside of joining this program is that you will be able to cover a wide variety of topics, starting from the basics, and then gradually leading up to expert level, and even digital forensics and cybercrime investigations. To top it all up this program also includes a customized career guide that will help you know what to focus on first and allow you to grow to absolute confidence in your skills and knowledge. You will receive inside knowledge of the cybersecurity job market from an industry-leading cybersecurity headhunter.

How does the Training & Career Guide Program work?

The training program is a 100% online training program that allows you to learn at your own pace and from the comfort of your home. It covers all the main aspects of Information Security & Cyber Security. It is designed to help you understand all the basics and  gradually introduce you to more advanced technical concepts all with the help of various real time scenarios.

The most beautiful aspect of the program is that it is background agnostic. No matter your current job, educational qualification or exposure to technology, this program will turn you into a cyber security superstar. The program is designed by true experts in the field who are committed to helping you understand advanced security principles with ease. We truly believe that we have found a program that can benefit people from all walks of life who want to make a life and career change and get involved in the extremely rewarding and fast growing field of cyber security.

We are absolutely certain that all our members who enroll in this program will develop a well-rounded portfolio of cyber security skills that will make them 100% employable. This is our promise to you.

What is the advanced Virtual Lab environment and how does it benefit me?

The distinguishing feature of this program is the fact members are provided with a  platform to practice stimulating real-world scenarios with a lab that hosts multiple applications and servers. members will go through many levels of interactive challenges and fun exercises that are guaranteed to keep you hooked and interested and give you a playground to test out all your newly learned skills. 

A lab allows you to legally practice various hacking vectors and scenarios in an environment that you own and control.

The goal of the lab environment and lab exercises is to give you hands-on experience so that once you are hired by a company to work on their cybersecurity projects, you can hit the ground running from the first day. 

What are my options & benefits after completing the program?

Now comes the interesting part, you have worked hard and completed all the course content, exercises, and challenges, it is time to reap the reward. The demand for skilled cybersecurity professionals is at an all-time high. There is a severe talent shortage which will make members who have completed this program very valuable resources for any company looking to have skilled cybersecurity professionals join their workforce.

At present, there are 300,000+ cybersecurity job openings and this number is expected to go up to 1.8 million.

We are certain that the portfolio of skills members will develop after completion of this program will make them highly sought after by leading organizations.

What the experts are saying?

Today, it is not just the IT and Cybersecurity Professionals who need to be security-aware. Having a foundational understanding of security issues and vulnerabilities is the responsibility of everyone.
Melvyn Fernandes
Security Infrastructure Guru
The recent high profile security breaches, abundance of smart devices, expansion of IoT (Internet of Things) & Blockchain technology has created an insatiable demand for Cybersecurity professionals. In the current market the demand far exceeds the supply, resulting in exciting, satisfying & financially rewarding career opportunities for people from all walks of life.
Dwaraka Kamath
MD, Serial start-up investor.
There is a serious shortage of Cyber Security professionals. As recruiters, we constantly struggle to satisfy the insatiable demand. Corporations are willing to pay top dollar but there just aren't enough skilled professionals out there. This is a serious challenge, but this can also be seen as an opportunity. Individuals who are developing their skills in cybersecurity can rapidly grow their career potential and climb the salary ladder very quickly.
Carl Dressner
Senior Recruiting Manager

What our members are saying?

Best training program out there period!! I was a complete novice going into the program but the clarity and attention to detail with which the course content has been developed made it easy for me to follow along till the very end. The icing on the cake is their career guide which easily allows you to find what you should focus on first. I owe my career to them.
Ravi Pratapa
Firewall Engineer
I think this is one of the most complete programs I’ve seen. The course material is well illustrated and has helped me develop my skills as a professional. Their career placement assistance program is second to none. the CPAP team were dedicated and worked with me diligently till I accepted an offer of my dreams. Not being from a technical background I was skeptical about my options but their employer network is vast & well connected. They truly have a position for everyone.
Mark Provance
Security & Compliance Manager
This training program is a breakthrough in information security learning. They have a very comprehensive curriculum and the work & dedication they have put into this online training program is phenomenal. In my opinion, this program should be mandatory for anybody interested in establishing a career in information & cybersecurity.
Meenakshi Gopal
Cyber Security Analyst

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