Why do hackers dislike script kiddies?

Why do hackers dislike Script Kiddies? I do not think dislike is the appropriate term here. I believe the relevant term is respect. I think they don’t respect script kiddies because they believe that the script kiddies have not spent enough time in the trenches and often rely on shortcuts and ready-made tools to get the job done.

Software can be downloaded from the Internet by anyone. All you need is a computer with internet access. There are many security and hacking programs available online. These programs were created by both professional programmers and hobbyists. Many of these programs are free to download and can be used for free. For those who want to learn cybersecurity, this can be a blessing. However, it can be a problem if a script kiddie decides to use them to carry out a hack without fully understanding the consequences of their actions.

What is a Script Kiddie?

A term commonly used to describe less experienced hackers who hack using existing software is “Script Kiddie” or “skiddie.” Security professionals are more likely to create their own tools. Script kiddies, however, can use pre-made exploits and scripts to attack targets. Script kiddies are often less skilled than professional penetration testers or white-hat hackers. They don’t usually understand the inner workings and functions of software or computer networking.

Script kids rely on scripts or software written by others. They don’t have the skills or knowledge to modify or create their own software. Script kids find the most accessible routes to hack a system and don’t invest too much time or effort in performing attacks. Because they often lack the skills to create their own hacking projects, script kiddies might use hacking projects created by other programmers.

Difference between a Script Kiddie and a Hacker

It all depends on what your perspective is.

The “script kiddie” refers to someone who, from the outside, pretends to be an attacker but uses tools created by others (the “scripts”) without actually understanding the details. Everyone uses tools written by others (operating systems, C compilers, and libraries), but some people understand the internal workings of these tools and could rewrite them if they had the time.

In most cases, the script kiddies don’t consider themselves “script kiddies.” They view themselves as “elite hackers.” “Script kiddie” is a derogatory term that emphasizes the inexperience of the individual.

The more accurate classification, in my opinion, would be competence. Like everyone else, Hackers can be more or less proficient at their job. Script kiddies rely heavily on tools, and if the tools fail, they give up. More skilled hackers, on the other hand, will adapt the tools to the particular situation. They view the tools as more of a framework for attacks and are not entirely dependent on them.

Are Script Kiddies worse than Black Hat Hackers?

Both yes and no. While Black-Hat hackers could do more damage if they wanted to, script kiddies can be unpredictable. Hackers will often target hospitals, governments, and businesses with clear goals. The script kiddies could have a personal vendetta against you. Even worse, they may be able to leverage the information they have about you, like where you live or work, to target you directly.

Their unpredictability is what makes them extremely dangerous.

How can you avoid becoming a Script Kiddie?

1) Master a Programming Language

If you don’t know code, you won’t be a good hacker. Everybody should learn how to code. Programming will allow you to create your own tools. It will allow you to modify open-source tools and help you understand how programs work.

2) Understand hacking tools before using them

You won’t be a hacker if you use any Windows cracking tool that is available online to crack a Windows password. Do not rely on other hackers’ tools. Try to learn how they work if you’re using them.

3) Avoid self-promotion at all cost

Never claim to be a hacker or cyber-security expert. Also never make threats to other people about your hacking skills.

4) Gain an in-depth understanding of how computers and their related technology works

Computers and software are difficult to comprehend. Devote time to learn as much as you can about computers and how they work to make yourself a better hacker. Only when you fully understand how they work can you find loopholes in software or networks.

5) Never using hacking with the intention to cause harm to others

Malicious hackers hack for their selfish gain, to cause pain in people’s lives, and for self-entertainment. Hacking computers without proper permission is illegal. You could also be sentenced to jail if caught. It will make it almost impossible to get a job. Companies don’t want hackers with malicious intent. Think about it: why would a company hire a hacker who might hack their computers? There are many great jobs available for ethical hackers and an ethical hacker is what you should aspire to be


As we covered earlier. Hackers don’t necessarily dislike Script Kiddies but many in the hacking community feel that Script Kiddies don’t deserve respect and are dangerous and unpredictable. Not all Script Kiddies are bad. In fact many Elite hackers today were Script Kiddies themselves at some point. What matters is the intention. The intention should always be to acquire knowledge and work your way up to becoming a skilled Ethical Hacker.

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