Why Ethical Hacking is The Best Tech Job in 2022?

Organizations are at the greatest risk of cybersecurity attacks as the Internet of Things invades your oven, fridge, and other areas.

1) You can cause serious chaos without a criminal record

An ethical hacker’s job is not that different from what a hacker does. It’s almost exactly the same, but you won’t be selling credit card information, passwords, or government secrets. You would be in jail if you did so

It is possible to expose dangerous flaws and act like a hacker. The answers to questions such as “What would an attacker do?” and “How could they do it?” will be revealed. You need to get into their heads and try to reproduce a hack. You can then come up with solid countermeasures that will seal the vulnerabilities.

2) You will be highly sought after

Every week, we hear of new cyber attacks. All the major brands, including Sony, VISA, Adobe, and many smaller ones, are constantly threatened by “black hat hackers.”

Organizations must now focus on improving their network security. 

Integrating ethical hackers into a team of tech workers is rapidly becoming a vital component of a comprehensive security strategy.

Carla Thomas, Head of People and Organisational Development at BT Security, warns companies not to hide the truth “this isn’t going away…we need skilled people to deal with it.”

Companies need to be aware of changing tactics and strategies of criminal hackers as they attack more complex and aggressively.

Neil Thacker, Information Security and Strategy Officer EMEA for Websense, says that “with 30 million devices connected to the internet worldwide, you’re open to a larger attack surface.”

Hackers are more likely to spread the internet’s reach further. Neil Thacker’s advice, whose name pretty much spells hacker, reminds us that it is essential to hire skilled hackers.

3) Show your human side

Ethical hackers require as many soft skills to succeed as they have hard ones. Employers are just as concerned about soft skills like technical knowledge and qualifications.

Suppose you enjoy solving puzzles and can solve a Rubik’s Cube in under 60 seconds. These types of thinkers are needed in the industry.

Yes, organizations rely on you to find and solve problems. But you must also have excellent communication skills to be successful in this field.

It is essential to describe how you infiltrate systems to show the company what they can do to prevent black hat hackers from infiltrating their systems.

4) Earn a very comfortable living

Money is not everything. We don’t believe money is everything. But, we think anyone would want to earn upwards of $100,000 for something that could put them behind bars if not for good and the company.

5) You can call yourself a White Hat

Have you ever seen one of those Western movies where the bad guys wore black hats while the good guys wore white?

As in Westerns, you can don the white hat and ride a horse as an ethical hacker to save companies that need better security.

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